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Generating your SES Credentials
Learn how to create a new SES policy and generate your credentials.

After you have signed up for Amazon SES, you will need to create a user for Mailriser to use.

To do this, go to the IAM Create Policy page.

Here, we will create a new policy for Mailriser. This policy will allow Mailriser to send emails using your Amazon SES account.

Go to the JSON tab and enter this:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": ["ses:*", "sns:ListTopics", "sns:CreateTopic", "sns:GetTopicAttributes", "sns:Subscribe"],
            "Resource": "*"

Skip adding a tag, and head to the Review page.

Enter a name, like mailriser-policy, and a description, like Allows Mailriser to send emails using Amazon SES., then hit Create Policy.

Now, go to the IAM Create User page.

Click on Add user and enter a name, like mailriser-user, and select Programmatic access as the access type.

Now, click on Attach policies directly and search for the policy you just created. Select it and click Next.

Finally, click Create user.

Find the user you just created, then click on Create access key to generate an access key and secret key.

Select Third-party service, then Next.

You can set the description tag to something like Allows Mailriser to send emails using Amazon SES..

Finally, hit Create access key.

Now copy the access key and secret key, and paste them into the appropriate fields in the Mailriser admin panel.