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Creating a Campaign
Learn how to get create a campaign.

To create a campaign, select the Campaigns tab and click the Create New Campaign button.

Enter a name and description for this campaign. This won't be shown to your subscribers, but it will help you keep track of your campaigns.

Now, select the mailer for this campaign. You can create a new mailer or select an existing one.

Then you can specify the audience for this campaign. This means selecting a list to send the campaign to, then apply any tags you want on your subscribers.

Set an email subject, which will be shown in the subject line of the email.

Now you can optionally decide if you want to use a template or write a new email from scratch. If you choose to use a template, you can select one from the list of available templates then hit Use Template.

If you are writing a new email, you can start by selecting a format, then write the email.

When you are done writing your email, you can preview it by clicking the Preview button.

If you are happy with the email, decide if you want to track opens and clicks.

Finally, you can schedule the campaign to be sent immediately by clicking the Create Campaign button.